Truck Modifications

The truck features Tatra's V8 air cooled engine, this engine has a mechanical fuel pump and no engine ECU. So no radiator water pipes or electronics to worry about.

The following modifications will then be made:

The original body will be removed along with any other fittings relevant to it. The front bumper will be replaced and a new one made to allow for fitting of the three HID headlights light each side.

The driver and passenger seat will be replaced with comfortable air seats, additional seating will be fitted for passengers.

Headlights will be fitted with HID bulbs all other bulbs will be replaced with Hi Power LED's
Additional front facing aux HID lighting will be fitted.
Air conditioning/heating will be fitted to cab.
Led internal lighting will be fitted in cab.
Additional switchgear will be fitted for the additional lighting and for fuel tank changeover etc.
Gauges and control gear will be fitted for new fuel tanks
Additional batteries and uprated alternator with a charge controller for both sets of batteries will be fitted

Additional fuel tanks will be fitted plumbed and wired to give a fuel capacity of 1400 liters.
The addition of a Hydrogen generator system should improve the fuel consumption by 25%.  I am aiming at approx 15mpg.

These will be replaced with stainless steel ones and possibly rerouted upwards instead of under the truck

Front and rear Hydraulic winches will be fitted with electronic remote control.

Tail Lift:
A custom built taillift will be fitted  to accommodate the Smart Car/Argo 8x8/Quads or what ever i need to bring with me.
The two spare wheels will live on the rear of the truck and the tail lift will also be used to lift them onto there brackets.