Choosing the Base Truck

On writing this page i still haven't secured the truck, I know exactly what i want but it is proving difficult to get the ideal truck at the right price.

The truck I have chosen after giving it a lot of thought is the Tatra 815 6x6,  I chose the Tatra because of it's almost indestructible build it's solid and well proven engine and it's incredible off road ability, its unique backbone tube design with enclosed drive shafts. I really love the way the wheels just stay on the ground !!

Tatra Trucks are just awesome, i just wish i could afford a new one !!

Another very useful reason for Tatra is that with their suspension system there is No chassis twist eliminating the need for anti torsion mounts for the living unit, this reduces the center of gravity by about 350mm and makes for an easier build.

Engine wise the Tatra uses and air cooled diesel, thus eliminating all the problems associated with water cooled engines. Air cooled engines tend to be louder when running, but you can't have everything can you !!   It can be seen here running with just a battery and small bottle of diesel.

The Tatra 815 6x6 comes in several different guises, there appears to be several different cab types, there is a standard day cab, a sleeper cab, and a maxi cab.

I have settled on the sleeper cab, i wanted enough room to be able to seat four people in the cab for travelling, the maxi cab would be too big and use up chassis space better used for the living unit.

This is a good video of the military version of the truck it shows the independant suspension working.