Friday, 31 March 2017

Waste tanks Fitted

The waste tanks are now fitted to the truck, i have started some of the wiring and pipework. One of the interesting things here is the oxygenation system, it slowly bubbles air through the wast tanks to increase the oxygen level in the waste. The science behind this is as follows.  

Both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria exist naturally in raw sewage, but only the anaerobic cause unpleasant holding tank odors.
introducing a continuous flow of air into the holding tank through a submerged bubbler upsets the balance between aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. The process establishes an oxygen-rich environment in which anaerobic bacteria cannot survive. When the anaerobic bacteria are gone, so is the odor.  I am bored with wast tanks now so i think i will weld some steel tomorrow !!

Friday, 10 March 2017

Fuel Tank senders.

I have added some senders to the existing fuel tanks and to the additional fuel tank i fitted. they are monitored by one digital gauge. that has 8 inputs, you can set alarms on it to alert you of when a tank is full or empty. Very impressed with the quality of the sensors.

It will monitor fuel tanks, left and right, gas tank, black waste, grey waste, and fresh water x2.

Waste Tanks - Continued 2

A little bit more done today, the hatches and pipe fittings and flushing fittings are now fitted to the tanks, the sensors have arrived and are fitted.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Waste Tanks - Continued

Today made the frame and brackets to mount the tanks, all the level sensors are on the way, just have to paint the brackets and frame now and get them fitted.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Waste tanks

Finally my tanks arrived,  there are two tanks both 170ltr capacity, one for gray water and one for black.

I started work on them by fitting the valve system for emptying the tanks, the tanks arrived with inspection hatches already fitted buy I didn't like the quality of them so I will change them for the better Henderson hatches.

The electric valve you see fitted to the rear of the gray water tank is the "don't store it in the tank" valve, for use when you can.

They will be fitted with level senders, an automatic wash out jet and an oxygenation system later.

Next job to make a frame to hold them and attach it to the chassis.