Monday, 19 December 2016

Slide out Step System, Part 2

Ok, we now have a working step system.

The unit slides out from under the body of the truck to reveal a platform 2.3mts long and 750mm wide, the steps then slide out from under this platform to the rear of the truck. So that when you exit the living accommodation there is a mini patio area before you go down the steps.

The platform in made from a fiberglass 12mm grid that has a non slip finish, The handrail on the steps pops up automatically as the steps are deployed.

I just need to add more handrail to the platform and a few finishing touches then the steps are sorted.

I will add a video of the steps being deployed in the next update

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Slide out Step System, Part 1

I wanted to have a step system that slides out and then pulls down, so that the steps go up along the length of the truck instead of sticking out of the side of the truck.

It's a lot more difficult to do it this way, but i just like the idea and it means you can lean on the side of the truck on the way up the steps if maybe you are "tired" or something !

I started with a folding step system i bought, you could make it but i don't think you would get the finish of a proper manufactured one, its fully galvanized. i am using a fiberglass grating as the landing area, the idea is when you come out of the door there is a landing area before you go down the steps. Its also big enough to sit on, like a mini patio.

Fitting it all in around the fuel tanks with mm to spare was a challenge,  I love it.

The Start of the Load Bed

Well its finally that time, i have started on the steel for the load bed. The outer frame is 80x80 steel box section, the walls will be 40x40 box section.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Rear Towing Eyes

I removed the rear tow point to make room for the winch, so i needed to replace it with something, i decided on two 25 tone eyes both bolted and welded to each side of the chassis. Attached to the eyes are 12.5 ton shackles.
The eyes are attached with M24 x 180 bolts, and welded all round, i didn't bother with HT bolts, i would guess they would be ok as 8.8 bolts.
the winch hook here is a proper 10ton rated hook, the one that came with the 10 ton winch was rated at 3.5ton ??