Sunday, 30 October 2016

Front Winch Update

The front winch is the same unit as the rear winch with the exception of the line, the winch line is a 24mm plasma line.  I have fitted a light over the winch drum to make it easier to use in the dark, the winch free spool is air operated and the whole thing is controlled by radio remote.

The yellow cap and dipstick you see on the right of the winch is the relocated engine oil filler.

Sub frame attached to Chassis

I looked at road trucks with a 7mtr body and noticed that they had approx 6 points of attachment for the body to the chassis.  As we are building a off road truck here i decided to have 12 attachment points on each side, they are attached with M16 bolts and lock nuts. I used a bit of 50mm wide neoprene as a friction material between the chassis and frame.

Exhaust update

I haven't done an update for a while, but work has been going on.  Here is the finished exhaust, i have made the support brackets for it as well and should have them galvanized and fitted soon.  I just cant wait to hear what it sounds like !!