Sunday, 18 September 2016

Exaust Silencer Box

Here is the start of the exhaust silencer, It will be constructed from the parts pictured here,  an 8" stainless steel pipe approx 2mts long with a 4" pipe up the middle of it, with a gap in the middle, This pipe will be capped at the ends and drilled to form a baffle, its a simple design but works really well. Then finally it is all wrapped in a stainless steel perforated heat shield.   Best of all its a lifetime job.

Sub Frame Painted

Here is a quick few shots of the sub frame after its paint job, Next up is welding on the mounting brackets.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Exhaust Manifold - Fitted

The exhaust manifold was fabricated by a friend of mine (Thanks Andy) he made it by hand so precisely that all the bolts lined up first time, thus it was a breeze to fit.  I just had to make a stabilizing bracket to support the engine exhaust brake that will be added later.I made the bracket so that it attached to the engine side of the engine mounts to eliminate the need for rubber mountings.
The manifold bolts are a bit long, (it's what i had) i will change them for the right size later.

Rear Winch - Update

Once the Hydraulic pump was installed and piped up it was a simple matter to test the winch, i did this by winding the cable on to it, I should have the remote control units this week. and that will finish the winch setup.