Saturday, 27 August 2016

Sub Frame Started

The Sub Frame sits between the body and the chassis, because of the Tatra's independent suspension there is no need for an anti torsion mounting system thus lowering the centre of gravity of the overall structure.

Here is a few pictures of the start of the sub frame.

Exhaust Update

The stainless exhaust is coming along nicely:

PTO and Hydraulic Pump

The Power Take Off unit attaches to the front of the gearbox on the Tatra and allows you to bolt a Hydraulic Pump to it, to engage to PTO and drive the pump you need to feed an air supply to the PTO unit, to engage the pump air from the trucks system is switched to the PTO via an electric solenoid valve.

Just a few hoses to connect up now and then to Test the winches.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Rear Winch - Update

Some more work done on the rear winch system, hydraulic valve and pipework now fitted wiring done, just waiting for the remote control unit to be delivered now.