Sunday, 26 June 2016

Auxiliary Air System

I wanted to fit an air system that could be used for tyres or running air tools etc,  My idea was to fit a 60ltr tank near the other air tanks and to connect it via a air solenoid valve and pressure switch to the trucks servo air system.

This will mean that the tank will fill from the truck compressor and then when up to max pressure will disconnect the valve,  meaning unless you use it you will always have 60lts of air at 120psi.

I can think of a few reasons why this would be useful,  if for example the truck was inadvertently left in gear for a few days and the air drained out  (as it does) you cant get it out of gear because both the clutch and gear change are air operated, and of course you cant start it in gear with the brakes on.

So at this point all you have to do is flick a switch, air from the tank fills the truck tank and everything works.

I have also positioned two euro air outlets near the back wheels so i can use the air for tires,

In addition i am going to fit a small air compressor in the body that is also connected to the 60ltr tank, this will give me tipple redundancy regarding air.  In the event of the truck compressor failing, the electric one would run the brakes and everything else.

Engine Air Intake

When i got the truck the air intake pipe had been made out of some sort of chimney flue liner or something, either way it was naff !

As my tig welding is not really up too much i enlisted the help of my good friend Andy and we fabricated a new one out of  6" stainless steel pipe, i decided to paint it black because i felt that the stainless looked a bit too bling.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Hydraulics -Tank

The new Hydraulic Oil tank is fitted, just a few hoses to do now, then the steering will be back to being functional.

I moved the original oil tank to make room for the winch, This new tank will combine both the circuits for the steering and the winch, I have also fitted return filters in both the winch and steering circuits, this is an upgrade for the Tatra as it didn't have any filtering before.

This tank is 22ltrs the old steering one was only 4lts, so a bit of an upgrade there as well.