Friday, 27 May 2016

Battery switches

The battery switch system is very simple but effective,  i have used a Blue Sea systems 500 amp remote battery switch, this enables the truck battery's to be isolated by the flick of a switch.

In addition i have fitted a split charge system that enables the house battery's to be charged by the trucks 120 amp alternator,  it also allows the house battery's to be switched  into the truck to assist in starting should the truck battery's be flat for any reason.

the connectors marked 12v  and 24v  are jump cable attachment points.

Everything you see here will be behind the bumper when it is refitted.

Fuel tank mountings

Got a bit of a start on the fitting the mounting brackets for the third fuel tank, this tank will be used for running the heating and generator,  It can also be pumped into the main tank in an emergency.

the tank is the same as the ones on the other side, i just copied the mounting brackets.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Wheels Again

Finally got the wheels on to the chassis Today, It might just be me but i think they look great.  i was worried about the fuel tank clearance (the old wheels were smaller) but it looks ok.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Wheels: In with the New

Today i managed to grab a couple of hours to start fitting the new wheels/tyres i managed to remove four of the old twins from the rear and replace them with these monsters.  I would have done more but i am exhausted now, this is hard work on your own.

I was told that due to the different width of the front axle and the rear axles it would not work to have the same wheels on the front and rear. But it does, thanks to my friends at Aspect Wheels who made me a set of wheels with a custom offset.