Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Electronics, Cooling control Unit

Still having trouble with my cooling control unit,  I think maybe the guys that did the chassis work may have been arc welding on the chassis without disconnecting it first.

As a testament to Tatra Trucks I sent an email yesterday looking for the circuit diagram of this unit and at 7:15 this morning i had a reply with the circuit attached.  That's customer support.

At this point i have all the sensor circuitry working again, just need to get the fan control working now.

Here it is on the bench, note the resistors simulating the temp sensors and the test switch to simulate a fault.

Alternator Upgrade

Today i upgraded the standard 45Amp alternator to a 120Amp one.  The new one was physically larger that the old one.
I had to fabricate new brackets and spacers to allow it to fit.

I wanted to do this in a way that would retain the standard configuration on the engine so that i can use the old alternator as a spare if needed.

I made some spacers to fit the new larger alternator to the original mountings and then mad a extension bracket to move the adjuster out, to allow for the bigger unit.

These spacers and bracket can simply be unbolted and removed to refit the old unit.

Updating the wiring is next.

Alternator in Place

New Bracket Painted

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Wheels: Out with the Old

Started to remove the old wheels and tyres, to make way for the new 14 x 22.5 wheels.  The 3/4" drive air gun and the air Jack made life a lot easier.

I just removed the wheels from the front and the first rear axle, i wanted to leave some rubber on the ground.  Note the 10 ton tree stump axle stands !!

Final Air Leaks Bannished

Today i fitted the last two air valves that were causing an air leak. a little bit tricky because the valve you see on the left would not rotate to come off, it was fouling on the air tank. I had to remove the bendy pipe you see attached to the tank to get it off, The bendy pipe itself wouldn't come off because it was fouling on the backbone tube, so i had to undo the air tank brackets to get enough clearance. It was a good excuse to replace all the old fiber seals and aluminum washers with doughty seals.

Here they are :

Work Continues

Yesterday i received a parcel of parts from the Tatra parts dealer Skarab in the Czech Republic, they seem to be very efficient and fast to deliver.
Also i cant believe how inexpensive parts for the Tatra really are.

Most of the parts so far are really cosmetic parts, rubbers that have perished etc. There are a few air valves to finish of the air leak issues and a few parts to solve the worn gear change linkages

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Webasto Cab Heater

Had a little go at installing the diesel powered heater for the cab.

One of the only draw backs of an air cooled engine i have found is the lack of hot water to heat the cab, this makes it necessary to install a Webasto diesel powered heater for heat in the cab. This system has a great upside in that it can be used with the engine not running and it can be programmed to come on and off at any time,  you can also switch it on and off from you mobile phone.

there is a small diesel tank just above it that holds 5 liters, enough to keep it running fore several days, this tank is automatically topped up from the fuel system when the engine is running.

The fuel goes from the tank through an in line filter to the dosing pump then to a damping valve before going to the heater unit.

There is a exhaust from the heater that just drops down under the truck and a combustion air intake that is piped from the front of the truck.

The unit has a hear output of 2000 watts, more than enough to keep you toasty on even the coldest days.