Monday, 19 December 2016

Slide out Step System, Part 2

Ok, we now have a working step system.

The unit slides out from under the body of the truck to reveal a platform 2.3mts long and 750mm wide, the steps then slide out from under this platform to the rear of the truck. So that when you exit the living accommodation there is a mini patio area before you go down the steps.

The platform in made from a fiberglass 12mm grid that has a non slip finish, The handrail on the steps pops up automatically as the steps are deployed.

I just need to add more handrail to the platform and a few finishing touches then the steps are sorted.

I will add a video of the steps being deployed in the next update

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Slide out Step System, Part 1

I wanted to have a step system that slides out and then pulls down, so that the steps go up along the length of the truck instead of sticking out of the side of the truck.

It's a lot more difficult to do it this way, but i just like the idea and it means you can lean on the side of the truck on the way up the steps if maybe you are "tired" or something !

I started with a folding step system i bought, you could make it but i don't think you would get the finish of a proper manufactured one, its fully galvanized. i am using a fiberglass grating as the landing area, the idea is when you come out of the door there is a landing area before you go down the steps. Its also big enough to sit on, like a mini patio.

Fitting it all in around the fuel tanks with mm to spare was a challenge,  I love it.

The Start of the Load Bed

Well its finally that time, i have started on the steel for the load bed. The outer frame is 80x80 steel box section, the walls will be 40x40 box section.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Rear Towing Eyes

I removed the rear tow point to make room for the winch, so i needed to replace it with something, i decided on two 25 tone eyes both bolted and welded to each side of the chassis. Attached to the eyes are 12.5 ton shackles.
The eyes are attached with M24 x 180 bolts, and welded all round, i didn't bother with HT bolts, i would guess they would be ok as 8.8 bolts.
the winch hook here is a proper 10ton rated hook, the one that came with the 10 ton winch was rated at 3.5ton ??

Friday, 18 November 2016

Onboard Gas System

I mentioned before that all the cooking etc in the living accommodation will be done with electric appliances.
However i still love my outdoor cooking, so to that end i am fitting an outside kitchen as well, this will consist of a grill/pizza oven and a single ring hob.  These will be gas units, so i fitted a toridal 55ltr LPG tank this gives me more gas for the space it uses than a standard tank.

I fitted the fill point to the rear of the truck and the regulator will feed to a solenoid valve to isolate the gas when the outdoor kitchen is not in use.
I fitted the tank with an electronic sender so i can remotely monitor its contents on the tanks monitor panel inside the truck.

Hydraulic Cab Tilt System

The Cab tilt system on the truck looked a bit like an after thought, the pump was an old manual only type of pump and a bit leaky, it neaded about 20 up and down strokes to fully tilt the cab,  some of the hoses were a bit perished and the metal pipework was a real mess. It had to go.

I started by fitting a dual acting hydraulic power unit that runs from 24v and also has a manual pump, I replaced all the pipework to the ram for new. The unit seemed to move too much fluid and really whipped the cab up and down far too fast, after fitting hydraulic restrictors it is now nicely under control.
Of course i hope i will never have to lift the cab, but if i do at least i wont be knackered after it !!

This is the old pump system

Friday, 4 November 2016

More Exaust

Today i had a bit of time to fit the exhaust stack, I knew it would look pretty cool BUT !!!

Just a small bit of pipe work left to do and i can listen to it.

Winch Remotes

Only a small thing but the winch remotes are worth a mention,  I used always use "Lodar" remote controls for my winch projects, but on contacting them the nice lady that i used to deal with has been replaced by an all new company man with a take it or leave it attitude.  Apparently because i hadn't purchased from them in a while i have "lost my discount" furthermore they have increased there price drastically and now charge for simple software changes.

Enter Dutch company "Tyro Remotes" .  Totally different deal,  extremely helpful wanted the business, don't charge extra for custom software, dont charge extra for custom buttons, they even put the truck logo on the remotes for me at no extra cost,  and there remotes come with cradels and are rechargeable.  The price ended up similar to lodar but for a far superior product and a much much better attitude.

The remote system has six buttons, On, Off,  winch in, winch out, freespool, and spool light.  The freespool and light buttons are latching operation (push on, push off)

I have used the same system for both the front and rear winch. (one for each)

Here is the unit for the rear winch installed,  because they are totally waterproof you can install them upside down,  as i have here to keep the antenna clear of metalwork.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Front Winch Update

The front winch is the same unit as the rear winch with the exception of the line, the winch line is a 24mm plasma line.  I have fitted a light over the winch drum to make it easier to use in the dark, the winch free spool is air operated and the whole thing is controlled by radio remote.

The yellow cap and dipstick you see on the right of the winch is the relocated engine oil filler.

Sub frame attached to Chassis

I looked at road trucks with a 7mtr body and noticed that they had approx 6 points of attachment for the body to the chassis.  As we are building a off road truck here i decided to have 12 attachment points on each side, they are attached with M16 bolts and lock nuts. I used a bit of 50mm wide neoprene as a friction material between the chassis and frame.

Exhaust update

I haven't done an update for a while, but work has been going on.  Here is the finished exhaust, i have made the support brackets for it as well and should have them galvanized and fitted soon.  I just cant wait to hear what it sounds like !!

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Exaust Silencer Box

Here is the start of the exhaust silencer, It will be constructed from the parts pictured here,  an 8" stainless steel pipe approx 2mts long with a 4" pipe up the middle of it, with a gap in the middle, This pipe will be capped at the ends and drilled to form a baffle, its a simple design but works really well. Then finally it is all wrapped in a stainless steel perforated heat shield.   Best of all its a lifetime job.

Sub Frame Painted

Here is a quick few shots of the sub frame after its paint job, Next up is welding on the mounting brackets.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Exhaust Manifold - Fitted

The exhaust manifold was fabricated by a friend of mine (Thanks Andy) he made it by hand so precisely that all the bolts lined up first time, thus it was a breeze to fit.  I just had to make a stabilizing bracket to support the engine exhaust brake that will be added later.I made the bracket so that it attached to the engine side of the engine mounts to eliminate the need for rubber mountings.
The manifold bolts are a bit long, (it's what i had) i will change them for the right size later.